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​Strengthening the relationship between the most ambitious young professionals from Europe and Asia 

Lotus League Foundation 


LL Global Entrepreneurship Academy

The Academy is dedicated to final-year students from Asia and Europe, who plan to create their own start-up, and dream of being successful entrepreneurs on a global scale. Our academy will help you to learn how to successfully start and run your own business and understand the importance of the international environment where people with different backgrounds can make great things together. Moreover, you will have a chance to network with world-class mentors and successful young entrepreneurs!


Mentorship & Advisory support

We hold formal events aiming at emphasizing the importance of cooperation between Europe and Asia, encouraging students on gaining better exposure via student exchange programs and internships, as well as empowering young entrepreneurs with relevant knowledge regarding expansion into Asian markets.   

We established numerous corporate partnerships and relationships with senior representatives from leading companies and academic institutions in Europe and Asia, who support the Foundation with their knowledge and experience.


Watch our events to learn from real experts!



We hold formal events and informal meetings to further strengthen the relationship between our members and young professionals interested in Europe-Asia relations.

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In addition to the wide range of webinars and events, our team members regularly share their knowledge, making a substantial database available for readers.


A variety of topics including education, business, technology, and the law provides readers with a broad explanation of a particular field.


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